We apologize for the small amount of items that are available for purchase on this website. Staffing has been very hard to find and the website is very time consuming to keep updated. We will try to have a few featured and specialty items here and will add items as time allows. See more store information and catalogs at www.holidayshallmark.com and order flowers at www.holidaysflorist.com. When ordering you can choose to pick up in store, have delivery in our local area (see policy at the bottom of the page for prices) or we can ship in the continental USA. Shipping is $14.99 for all orders that do not include oversized items.

Collection: Face Masks

From your basic simple black to fancy scarf mask, we have a large variety of face masks to please anyone in the family.  The selection is always changing with the market availability.  Some will return, some are yet to come and some will never be in stock again.  Please check here on the website for current availability.
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