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Zip Wax 1/2 oz. Jar  SAVE $2 with our Special Introductory Price!

Zip Wax 1/2 oz. Jar SAVE $2 with our Special Introductory Price!

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SAVE $2 with our Special Introductory Price!

Have problems with your Face Mask fogging up your glasses?  We have the answer!  ZIP WAX!

Zip Wax is an amazing Anti-Fog.  Anytime you go from hot to cold or cold to hot you can fog up.  Zip Wax will prevent that from happening.  It is great for goggles, glasses, sun glasses, scopes, binoculars, motorcycle helmets, bathroom mirrors, car windows, cell phones and tablets.  Zip Wax is safe on all lenses including high end camera lens, telescopes and other optics.  Enjoy!

Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner glass wax is an amazing glass and plastic cleaner. Chosen a “Best Product Under $20” on Reddit, (r/askreddit (under 20), it is “The Clearest Clean You Have Ever Seen.”.  The ½ oz. Jar is over 400 applications and if used daily will last over a year. To apply you simply touch the product with your finger, wipe it on the surface and polish it off with a microfiber towel or soft cloth.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is safe on all lenses and all coatings and comes with 100% money back guarantee.  The ½ oz. jar is the perfect travel size to keep in your pocket, your purse, your back pack, your desk, or glove box.

Do you have smears, smudges and fine scratches on your glasses or lenses?  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner does not remove scratches but it does fill them in so when you have your glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, face shields and other optics on you will not see the fine scratches.  You will also notice an immediate crystal clear clean to your lenses with no smears or smudges. 

Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is the perfect solution for scratched iPads and Android tablets. Great for all front line workers to use on PPE equipment (glasses, safety goggles, and face shields). Featured on an upcoming episode of Howie Mandel’s SOLD OUT!     

Do you have fogging issues?  When you open up the over or dishwasher or simply go from hot to cold or cold to hot you can fog up your optics.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner will prevent fog from happening.  Foggy Optics can be dangerous. especially fog on your motorcycle helmets, safety glasses, and other protective eye and face gear.  Fog can also ruin a perfect day of hunting, skiing, diving, or swimming.  We strongly recommend our product on your scopes, binoculars, ski/swim goggles, diving masks and paint ball helmets.  Whatever activities you enjoy you can now enjoy them fog free.  

Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is also an anti fog glass cleaner for car windows, back up cameras, shower doors, and especially your bathroom mirror.  You will be amazed at how many long showers and baths you can take without your bathroom mirrors fogging up.  Repeated use increases the antifog protection meaning the more you use it on one surface the longer that surface will stay clean and the longer it will stay free of fog.   

Cell phones and tablets can also get smudgy and are often covered with finger prints and oil.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner helps reduce this problem.  It is great hygiene for all glass and plastic surfaces and has the same PH Factor and cleaning strength as most hand soaps.  It adds a protective layer to the surface that helps prevent finger prints, oil, dust and make up from smudging and smearing the surface of your electronic devices, camera lens’ and telescopes.  If you do get any fingerprints or oil on the surface it will simply wipe clean.       

Looking for a special gift or stocking stuffer?  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is the perfect gift for anyone that wears glasses or sunglasses.  It is also a great gift for all first responders including fire fighters, nurses, doctors, construction workers, cooks and anyone that wears safety glasses and face shields.  All skiers, hunters, swimmers, paint ballers, and outdoor enthusiasts will love a ½ oz. jar of Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner.